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Why Women’s Friendships Are So Complicated? [Complete Info]

    Why Women's Friendships Are So Complicated

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    In this article, we are going to tell you Why women’s friendships are so complicated? So, let’s proceed further…

    The woman is a masterpiece created by God with his very own hands. Women are considered to be synonyms of love, care, share, compassion, kindness and all the good things on this earth. But still, why women have fewer friends than men? Why women’s friendships are so complicated?

    Why Women’s Friendships Are So Complicated?

    Everyone knows that women are emotional creatures; they tend to put their emotional energy into everything. This trait makes a woman superior to a man. However, excess of everything is bad, excessive emotions make it women hard to understand. In this article, we will discuss why women’s friendships are so complicated?

    Emotional Energy

    “Emotional Energy willingly or unwillingly women tend to attach their emotions with everything and everyone. They tend to put a lot of efforts into friendships or relationships with all of their heart, good thing??

    Probably No

    Probably No, it’s the point where complexity arises. Women put efforts into anything themselves but in return, they expect the same treatment even more. But this doesn’t end here when they don’t get anything in return they will avoid the other person without his\her knowledge. Even they avoid confrontation, but in case it happens there would be a 90% chance of things turning uglier and a 10% chance of getting better.


    “Judgmental beware!! Women can be polite to you, have a few conversations with you to figure out your personality and opinions before being a friend of yours. But after becoming her friend you are still subjected to be judged. The slightest misunderstanding or misinterpretation can make you lose your buddy. This is complicated.


    Fakeness No! No! No! We are not going to say women are fake but while being extremely emotional they tend to bottle up their feelings. They are pretentious and mysterious as well. They can easily fake their emotions, even if they hate you won’t have the slightest idea of it. Women can pretend to listen and understand everything you say but won’t care about it. They can give you a fake smile, a fake comfort, and a fake friendship too.  Women are extremely complicated so their friendship is.

    Superiority Complex

    Superiority Complex Women are superior to men it is universally accepted but most women have an innate superiority complex, women tend to look down on each other. It’s hard to find a woman who supports another woman. That’s why we always hear about brotherhood not sisterhood. Women have a bad habit of insulting each other something the jokes are unbearable to other women that’s why they make their friendship complicated.


    Gossips” Gossiping is the worst part of women nature. Women can live without eating but not without gossiping. Due to the habit of gossiping many women have lost their friends especially their female friends. Women also create rumors for other women even spread them. This is the harsh reality. Gossiping eventually make their friendships complicated.


    Jealousy” jealously is inbuilt in women’s nature. Even being best friends women can be jealous of the other one, sometimes they tend to improve themselves but on other hand, they would let other friends go because they are just too jealous of the good things or qualities the other person have. For breaking the friendship they would make a totally unacceptable excuse, making things complicated.

    That’s how women are, but we urge you not to generalize it even if women are complicated, they are still sweet as sugar. Women can be easily impressed with the sincerity they look for in emotional attachment, unlike men for whom everything is superficial. Women are more dedicated, affectionate and loyal but not for everyone it is hard to take place in women’s heart and that is why women’s friendships are so complicated.