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Why We Celebrate New Year After Diwali? [Complete Info]

    Why We Celebrate New Year After Diwali

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    The festival of lights Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated across India in different ways for different reasons. The biggest and brightest festival of India is also celebrated as the New Year; let us introduce you to some facts about why we celebrate New Year after Diwali.

    Considering the diversity of India, it’s not surprising that Diwali is celebration varies from state to state, and also celebrated as other festivals including New Year. However, most commonly Diwali marks the end of a financial year of businesspeople hence they close the accounts and open new ones moreover; Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Navratri of Kartik month therefore also considered as New Year. 

    Why We Celebrate New Year After Diwali?

    In the Hindu calendar there are two Navratri, first in the month of ‘Chaitra’ and second in the month of ‘Kartik’ the common Hindu New Year is celebrated on the first day of Navratri of Chaitra month generally in March or April. 

    Still, wondering why we celebrate New Year after Diwali? So let us come to the point, in India two types of calendars are prevalent, first Solar Calendar second Lunar Calendar. The different States follow different calendars hence New Year celebration varies from state to state. 

    Gujarat is the only state where the day after Diwali is celebrated as New Year (according to the lunar calendar). “Bestu Varas” or “Sal Mubarak” is celebrated as New Year’s Day in Gujarat on the day after Diwali. 

    The celebration starts early in the morning with heavy fireworks to welcome the New Year. The local young boy sells raw salt “Sabras”. People visit family and friends to greet them, “Farsaan” (local dish) and sweets are exchanged. This is how New Year is celebrated in Gujarat after Diwali. 

    The philosophical theory behind why we celebrate New Year after Diwali is, it is a hopeful festival, and the darkness of ignorance is driven away by the lights of knowledge. The new beginning is celebrated with joy.