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Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Does Not Work?

    Why Long Distance Relationship Does Not Work

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    For a relationship to work, there needs to be a strong connection between the two people. Though this might sound rude to people who meet through online apps and are having a long-distance relationship, the percentage of the survival of the relation is very low even though people are aware that why long distance relationship does not work people have tried it at some point. 

    The main issue is that we are not going to live forever on this earth, and there is no point in squandering time for the perfect moment to meet the other person. One of the main reasons why long distance relationships do not work is that one party ends up moving on. One of them realizes that the distance is too much, so they call for quits.

    Why Long Distance Relationship Does Not Work

    For a human being, their first relationship has a special place, and it feels amazing, and when it breaks, it hurts the most. You are so attached to the person that you feel like dying when the other person is not around. You will be pondering what you did wrong or wasn’t I good enough, or what one could have done better? You need to be realistic and should be able to detect the signs of why long distance relationship does not work instead of blaming yourself.

    Here are some of the signs that are mentioned below that one should look for and understand the long-distance relationship isn’t working.

    Excuses For Not Making Communication

    For a healthy relationship, communication is key, and it should occur a lot. If your partner provides too many reasons for not communicating, then it should be a red flag. The reasons can include running errands, working late in the office or picking up an extra shift, etc., basically finding reasons for making less contact with you.

    Feeling Something Has Changed In The Relationship

    There is no question if you have been dating your partner for two months or for a couple of years; you would have picked up some of the traits of your partner; it will also include how your partner treats or acts towards you. But if you are not feeling the same, then it could be a red flag. If your gut is advising you that your partner is pulling away, don’t ignore it.

    Reducing The Availability

    Depending upon the type of relationship, you might be used to talking to your partner 24/7. But if the chat time with the partner starts getting to reduce, then the relationship might have some problems. For instance, if you call your partner and don’t answer your call or always find a reason to call back later, this is a tell-tale sign of issues in the relationship.

    Reduced Time To See One Another

    Since you are in a long-distance relationship, you anyway are not spending much time with your partner, but if you have stopped trying to make an effort to see one another, then things might come to an end. If your partner doesn’t take time to meet you, then you should be concerned.

    For any relationship to work, communication is one of the most important aspects; if it starts decreasing from daily to once a week, then you should be asking whether this long-distance relationship is worth investing your time and energy.