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Why Hollywood Movies Don’t Have Songs? [Complete Information]

    Why Hollywood movies don't have songs

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    Hollywood rule the hearts of billions of movie buff worldwide without having a single song, unlike Bollywood or other industries. Why Hollywood movies don’t have songs? This question will pop up in the mind of a person watching a Hollywood movie and don’t belong to the west. 

    Why Hollywood Movies Don’t Have Songs?

    In Hollywood movies, one can’t see the leads dancing around a tree, holding hands, singing a song in deep sadness etc, why? This article will help you to find out why Hollywood movies don’t have songs? 

    1. Diverse Cultures

    In the west, people tend to live their own life or an isolated life; they are way more practical than other people from the rest of the world. They follow a strictly rigid schedule their lives are extremely focused on themselves If you compare them to people of Asia they are more emotional they have a feeling of belonging and they are somewhat escapist as well thus, their movies include songs that are imaginary scenario especially in Indian films.

    2. Business

    The west has a huge music industry hence singers are not bound to share accounts with producers they release their albums and showcase their talent if a Hollywood movie includes songs, the album is made released separately. 

    The scenario is different especially in India very few people listen to bands from their homeland, even watch a movie that includes good songs or item numbers. The bands can’t survive here hence singers have to sing in movies without even getting. Singers in India don’t get paid for the singing song in movies they rely on live concerts, reality shows etc for earning.

    3. More Focused On Content

    Hollywood movies are based on reality even science-fictional movies include more realistic sequences; they want actors to focus more on acting than dancing or lip-synching. Other than that, they don’t want anything to disturb the narration. Songs distract people from the storyline, songs are unreal situations since nobody sings while proposing to a girl, and no one would join someone who is dancing in public. Hollywood movies don’t have songs because they are logical, real and perfect. 

    4. Movie Length

    people from the west follow rigid schedules hence their movies are also short in length and don’t include 15 to 30 minutes extra for something unnecessary. 

    Moreover, the producers of Hollywood movies focus on character details and storyline as they take it as art. Hollywood has specific genres for specific audience, unlike the Indian audience who watch movies for entertainment and fun only. Hollywood movies are intense and logical that is why Hollywood movie don’t have songs.