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10 Reasons Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship?

    Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship

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    Pyar me Junoon hai, Dosti me sukoon hain”(there is passion in love, peace in friendship)

    You must have heard these lines in the movie ‘Ae Dil hai mushkil based on the exact theory what you are searching for, “Why friendship is better than relationship”. 

    Why Friendship Is Better Than Relationship?

    The line has a deep meaning and is somewhat true, in love one can experience an extreme level of emotions like sadness, depression, rage, trapped, attachment etc but friendship gives you inner peace, happiness, fun and adventure (if you don’t have toxic friends). 

    However, let us give you the exact 10 reasons why friendship is better than a relationship. 

    1. Acceptance

    Do you know why friendship is far better than any relation because, in friendship, two people accept each other the way they are, your friend has seen the darkest side and the brightest side of you, and a friend accepts you the way you are.

    2. Fewer Expectations And No Demands

    you can forget your friend’s birthday every year but try to forget your anniversary and see the results yourself; friendship doesn’t demand anything but there is a never-ending list of demands in relationships. 

    3. Bondage And Conditions

    love pulls you back in some or another way, but friendship helps you to grow freely. There are always more don’ts in a relationship than dos, no matter what, conditions are always there and have to be fulfilled to work out a relationship, but friendship is effortless. 

    4. No Matching

    Status, background, caste, creed, religion everything has to be matched in a relationship, everybody looks for compatibility in a relationship but in friendship, nothing matters your friends can never be embarrassing for you even if you puked on him in public, even you have weird habits your friend can tolerate anything you do, but your lover cannot.

    5. Reliability

    A friend in need is a friend indeed, your friend had already proved that you can rely on him; friend has been around you longer than your lover. A friend is loyal, reliable and entrenched in your life. You can throw tantrums at him, annoy the hell out of him but a friend will never let you face difficulties alone. 

    6. No Judgments

    The most beautiful thing about friendship is a friend will never judge you. You don’t have to behave in front of him, no need to dress up, no need to put efforts to impress him, but in a relationship, you have to behave yourself you can’t talk about everything to your lover the fear of being judged is always there in relationships.  You can be yourself in front of your friend but not in front of your lover.

    7. Understanding

    Less explanation is needed in friendship sometimes you don’t even try to explain anything to your friend because you know that your friend knows in and out of you. In a relationship even if you try to explain things would sound like excuses there is more chance of being misunderstood than understood. 

    8. Adventure

    Friendship is always more adventurous than a relationship,  with your friends you can explore new places, things, do stupid things like having a beer on the municipal water tank, being arrested, wearing new outfits without any judgments, anything that even you can’t imagine. However, in a relationship you are always being protected thus you may miss the fun and adventure in a relationship.

    9. Time

    Friendship doesn’t demand your time, your friend can understand your busy schedule, even if you ignore your friend intentionally you may get scolded for a second but in the other second your friend will talk like nothing happened, you can call your best friend after 10 years he will still sound the same, but try to ignore your partner for 10 minutes you can have a headache. 

    10. No Breakups

    The best thing about friendship is there are no breakups in friendship there would be days of not talking, ignoring but there won’t be a breakup. Friends can put their ego aside for each other even friends don’t discuss why they fought, or why they were ignoring each other, everything would be the same after a hi from any side. In a relationship, one has to bear ego or letting go of things, one can suffer more than the other one. People eventually break up, which is sad and depressing. 

    Hence, after reading this article you may have understood why friendship is better than relationship. We hope that you may find friendship in your relationship because friendship can survive without love, but love can’t survive without friendship and there is an 80% less chance of divorce if you marry your best friend.