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Why Do Celebrities Change Their Names? [Complete Info]

    Why Do Celebrities Change Their Names

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    In this article, we are going to tell you why do celebrities change their names. Opting for a different name from the birth name is a personal choice of an individual. The reason can be anything, either personally not liking the name or for professional purposes; but changing the name happens quite often.

    Why Do Celebrities Change Their Names

    But for a common man, there is a genuine curiosity for why do celebrities change their names, and if they find the reason logical; they try to mimic the same. Some of the reasons are sighted below for just knowledge purposes.

    • Sometimes the original name of the celebrity is not simple or catchy enough for people to remember; hence celebrities change their name for use on stage so that a common man can easily remember their name.
    • Some celebrities have old-school names; which makes it difficult for them to be distinguished from other celebrities and causes a lot of confusion between fans and their manager who sought work for them. To avoid such confusion, they change their name to something unique. For instance, the celebrity Katy Perry changed her last name from Hudson to Perry to avoid embarrassment with actress Kate Hudson.
    • Some celebrities opt for using their middle name, which is usually their family member’s name. This is to pay homage to the member’s memory and showcase their love and importance of the member in their life.
    • Some celebrities end up using their nickname as stage name rather than using their original name. Since they are so used to their nickname, they don’t even respond to their original names to avoid personal confusion; they stick with their nickname as the stage name. It becomes popular and is usually catchy and simple to remember.
    • Some celebrities opt for a unique name as they hated their original name. They choose such a name that shows them as a rebel in front of their fans and gives them a unique status among the celebrities.

    These are some of the motivations why do celebrities change their names, but the most common motivation is so that their fans can easily identify them.