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Reasons Why Christmas Tree Is Decorated On Christmas?

    Why Christmas Tree Is Decorated On Christmas

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    In this article we are going to tell you the reasons why Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas. Festivals give colors to our life they are a necessary part of our social life. Christmas is a truly incredible festival, with Roaring fires, tummies full of cakes, trifle and Christmas pudding, giving and receiving gifts and love, the excitement for plump adorable Santa, the smiles and hugs, people eagerly rip open presents, and of course, the envelopes, decoration of Christmas trees, shopping and lots of smiles Christmas is truly a colorful festival.

    But it’s important to know the significance of everything we do on Christmas especially.

    Why Christmas Tree Is Decorated On Christmas?

    Firstly, let us introduce you to the history of the Christmas tree. Many legends surround the beginning of the Christmas tree decoration, most popular such legend purpose it began with the Saint-Boniface in Germany around the 1st century.

    Even before there was Christmas; the practice of bringing the evergreen trees inside houses during winters was a tradition employed by many cultures from the ancient Romans, Egyptians to the Vikings.

    The modern Christmas tree decoration tradition is a hybrid between the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and pre Christian pagan tradition. It is believed that the first Christmas tree was decorated by Martin Luther in the 16th century.

    The Christmas tree made its way to America in 1830 but wasn’t popular until 1846 after Germany’s Prince Albert brought it to England when he married Queen Victoria, the two were displayed in the painting standing in front of the Christmas tree and instantly it became popular.

    This is how the tradition of decorating Christmas tree took shape. Do you wonder about the significance of all the embellishments on the Christmas tree? Do you wonder why do we decorate the Christmas tree with all the same things every year? Let us tell you the significance of each accessory we put on the Christmas tree.

    1. The Evergreen Trees: During the winter when all the leaves have fallen from the regular trees, the evergreen trees(conifers like pine fir etc) continue to stay green all the year it symbolizes the everlasting life we get to have with Christ Thus the tree represents the eternal life.

    2. The Star at the top: on the top, the star is often put remembering the star of Bethlehem, which is followed by the three Maggie to discover the birth of Christ.

    3. The Angel: The symbol of an angel has often put at the top the symbol represents the angel who appears to the shepherds in the field announcing the birth of Christ.

    4. The Christmas wreath: it represents the crown to thrones Christ wore when he was crucified. 

    5. The lights: lights are everywhere on Christmas especially on the iconic Christmas tree, the lights remind us of the fact that during the dark and long nights the Jesus is the light of the world. The lights also represent the stars in the sky.

    6. The colorful ornaments: We see the colorful ornaments all over the tree, red, green, silver and golden are often use, the red ornaments on the trees represent Jesus life death and resurrection and the color of blood Jesus shed for us. The long tinsel wrapped around the tree represents the fire lit to keep baby Jesus warm by Joseph. The green color represents the flora and fauna and prosperity. Silver and gold represent the blessings of Jesus. 

    7. The Bells: In the ancient pagan tradition bells were used to ward off the evil spirits; the Christmas bells symbolize the bells used to gather the sheep and their return to a safe place hence we should also be under the right guidance.

    8. The Candles: Candles symbolize the light that removes darkness from the world. The light represents the knowledge that removes ignorance.

    9. The Candy Cones: its significance lies in its shape and color, the “j” shape is for the first letter of Jesus name and it is also considered to represent the shape of a shepherd’s hook; earlier the candies were of white color represent the sinless life Jesus and the modern candy cones were popular in mid 18th century the red strips on candy cones represent the blood of Jesus. 

    10. The Gifts:  The gifts were placed under the Christmas tree to follow the legacy of three wise men that brought the frankincense, gold and myrrh to baby Jesus. The other legends are of Saint Nicholas who gave gifts to well-behaved Children, even in ancient pagan traditions people used to exchange gifts. 

    We wish you Merry Christmas may you receive lots of love and gifts, we hope that after reading this you will remember the significance of each thing we used to decorate the iconic Christmas tree, and you will always remember that why Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas, on the next Christmas.