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Top 10 Health YouTube Channels In India [Updated List]

    Top 10 Health YouTube Channels In India

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    “Health is Wealth”. Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellness. Being healthy is important since a man of health can appreciate the fantastic joy and happiness in the course of his life. Health is even more important than riches, even a bad copper with healthiness is better than the rich person along with bad health.

    Thus we are here with the list of the top 10 health YouTube channels in India. On these channels, you may be able to find out symptoms, prevention and cure of various diseases, tips for a healthy lifestyle and well being.

    List Of Top 10 Health YouTube channels in India

    Physical well being is not enough to consider a person healthy, mental health is also important. Healthy people feel delighted and content in their lives, they appreciate everything they have. Therefore we hope that you may ensure your physical, mental and social well being with the help of these top 10 health YouTube channels in India.

    1. Ayurveda Home Remedies

    It is one of the best home remedies Youtube channel in India. They have just started out but they are doing the great job in this field. On this channel, you will find Latest Nutritional Healthy Tips, Skin care tips, Natural Home Remedies and Nutritional Facts. They are so passionate to share the best of Health Content every day to all their subscribers. We hope this channel can educate and help people around the world to learn the latest, fruitful and healthy lifestyle tips. They appreciate all your support & always keep uploading great videos on a daily basis.

    2. Fit Tuber

    This channel has over 5M subscribers on this channel you can find health tips, popular product reviews, healthy recipes, workout tips etc.

    3. Fitter

    This channel is dedicated to weight loss and bodybuilding. 

    4. Rohit Khatri Fitness

    This channel is popular on YouTube with over 4M subscribers. You can find diet plans, workout plans etc on this channel.

    5. Orange Health

    On this channel, you can find Nutritional healthy tips, Natural Home Remedies, Fitness videos, Yoga videos and cures for various diseases.

    6. Men’s Health and Fitness Tips

    This channel focuses on Men health tips, fitness tips, weight loss, diet plans, bodybuilding, beauty tips for men.

    7. Med talks

    This channel itself is the largest collection of health care videos where the top doctors answer a variety of patient’s education questions.

    8. BestSource Nutrition Pvt Limited

    If you are looking for a natural cure for your illness or wellbeing this channel provides Ayurveda tips, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Teas, Dietary Supplements with the help of health experts.

    9. Aastha Sharma

    Aastha is a registered pharmacist who makes videos on pharmacy, Mental Health and quality of life etc. 

    10. GuruMann Fitness

    GuruMann is fitness You Tuber and sports nutritionist.  He provides workout plans, nutrition plans, health and fitness tips and product reviews. 

    These are the top 10 health YouTube channels in India. We hope that you may find the best tips for good health and life from these channels, we wish you good physical, mental and social well being.