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St Patrick’s Day Poems For Kindergarten [Selected Poems]

    St Patrick's Day Poems

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    St. Patrick is respected as the patron saint of Ireland, and there are many St Patrick’s Day Poems that are recited on the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It is a day that the Catholic church has officially endorsed. It basically commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

    In most of the St Patrick’s Day Poems, the leprechaun is mentioned, which is a local mythological creature of Ireland who is the guardian of gold coins. The poems are primarily of celebratory tone, depict various customs of Ireland, and glorify the deeds of St. Patrick. Most of St. Patrick’s day is celebrated as per the Irish diaspora.

    St Patrick’s Day Poems

    St. Patrick’s Day is here, you see.
    We’ll pick some shamrocks, one, two, three.
    We’ll count the leaves and look them over,
    And maybe find a four-leafed clover.
    I’ll sew green buttons on my vest,
    Green for St. Patrick is the best.
    I’ll wear a green hat, very high,
    And dance a jig–at least I’ll try!

    St. Patrick’s Day is coming
    And you might think it’s a joke.
    But I’d like to get my hands on
    One of the little folk.
    For they say in good old Ireland
    If a Leprechaun you hold.
    You’ll go to the end of the rainbow
    To his treasure pot of gold.
    It may be a lot of blarney
    For tis written in Irish folklore.
    The Isle is home to the fairies
    To be sure, to be sure, to be sure.

    Green is the color for today,
    Green it is on every way,
    The day when we remember the time,
    Of the historic say with wine
    Wear green to show your support on this day,
    Because green is the color for today
    Wish you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day
    Its little tricky all the way!

    St. Patrick’s Day is with us,
    The day when all that’s seen
    To right and left and everywhere
    Is green, green, green!And Irish tunes they whistle
    And Irish songs they sing,
    To-day each Irish lad walks out
    As proud as any king.I’ll wear a four-leaf shamrock
    In my coat, the glad day through,
    For my father and mother are Irish
    And I am Irish too!

    Irish fortune wishes you the best,
    Treasures and leprechauns define the rest.
    The spirit of the day engulfs you,
    And lets everyone enjoy in the party too…
    Today is St. Patrick’s Day,
    Every reason to celebrate in every beautiful way.

    March brings us reasons to celebrate,
    This annual festivity is simply great.
    Green clover and a dash of lime,
    Today is when you can have the best time.
    Buckle your shoes and don’t delay
    For today is St. Patrick’s Day!

    It’s a blessed day for sure,
    So may I ask for blessings for you
    So that you truly outnumber
    On all the shamrocks that grow
    Know that it will change it all
    As it’s the day of remembrance
    A day when things just stand tall
    May every trouble avoid you this day
    Wishing you a very happy St Patrick’s day!

    Are you wearing green this day,
    If not then you won’t have your say
    For green is the color that defines
    St. Patrick’s and all the chimes
    The snakes and shadows around you
    Will give you a little clue
    That smile and be merry this day
    It’s the St. Patrick’s day!
    So wishing you a super day!

    In this article, we have listed St Patrick’S Day Poems that you can use to express your feelings.