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Negative Effects Of Social Media Influencers On Youth

    Negative Effects Of Social Media Influencers

    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok; and many other social media platforms are being used by companies for digital marketing.  A social media influencer is someone who influences his\her followers or fans by using social media accounts and tools. These influencers keep influencing us with their ideas on different subjects like makeup, beauty, art and crafts, travel, food, clothing, advertising etc. They target the age group of 12-40/years mainly, and their influence can be positive or negative. Here we are to discuss the negative effects of social media influencers on Youth.

    Negative Effects Of Social Media Influencers

    Every one of us has social media accounts, addiction and the influence of social media on youth is way beyond our imagination. Hence, we have to be cautious about whom we are following, or influenced by. The negative effects of social media influencers are enlisted below.

    Harmful Effect On Self-esteem

    Social media influencers usually look perfect and appealing to teenagers and youngsters. They keep posting about perfect body, shape, luxurious lifestyles, partying, things that attract teenagers and youth. Different challenges like jaw line check, hairline check; rich check, smile check etc may have an adverse effect on anyone’s self-esteem.

    Psychological Alteration

    Every second video on different social media apps is filled with violence; criminal mindset; addiction to liquors; even children are being involved in sexual activities. It badly affects the psychology of teenagers and youth. There are so many videos just taken before suicides; many individuals of different age groups are influenced by them and even end their lives.

    Promoting Fakeness

    Many social media influencers hide their face behind various filters and give lectures about embracing yourself, post videos of luxurious vacation just after their breakups, talk about how fat or bullied they were, we never know the truth. They promote perfection and this is why teenagers or youngsters are being image-obsessed. 

    Endorsing Products

    Social media influencers endorsed many products and lure anyone to spend money on non essential things, many youngsters buy things which they don’t need, even things they can’t afford. 

    Mental Health

    Teenagers and young people are very curious about different things; they try to imitate the influencer or celeb they are following. They seek attention or validation from others. The violent videos or acts done by social media influencers affects their mental health even change their ideologies. By just imitation, many teenagers end up being criminal. 

    Giving Up Education And Dreams 

    Young people nowadays are engaging themselves in making videos and wait for years to get their video viral. Putting on too much make-up, making videos here and there etc waste their time. Many students give up on their studies just for being social media influencer which is sad and badly affect their future. 

    We are not suggesting that you should not have a role model or you should not get inspired or influenced by anyone; but we are mature and educated enough so that we can differentiate the bad inference from good influence. We must take care while using social media and must avoid fake influencers so that we can conquer the negative effect of social media influencers on youth.