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Is Diwali Celebrated In Pakistan? [Complete Information]

    Is Diwali Celebrated In Pakistan

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    Diwali is the most auspicious festival of Hindus and the most attractive festival for other communities as well. Hindu or Non-Hindu everyone enjoys the fireworks, bursting crackers, playing cards, eating sweets, Diwali brings a lot of happiness for everyone.

    Pakistan is a country where Hindus are a Minority with over Five million Hindus population; hence people doubt the communal harmony there. Hence people tend to ask is Diwali celebrated in Pakistan.

    Is Diwali Celebrated In Pakistan?

    You will be glad to know that like India, Thailand, Nepal, Guyana, Srilanka and other countries, Diwali is also a national holiday in Pakistan. Hence it is worthless to ask, is Diwali celebrated in Pakistan?

    To achieve communal harmony is the basic aim of a nation; Pakistan is no exception. Hindus are a minority in Pakistan; we came across many news reports about Hindus vulnerable status in Pakistan hence the doubt arises itself. Pakistan’s government is trying hard to achieve communal harmony within its people, hence political parties and social activist groups arrange public Diwali celebration. On Diwali, Hindus living in Pakistan also visit temples along with their Muslim friends. Hindus, Muslims and other communities living in Pakistan join hands to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and set an example of interfaith harmony. 

    It is also reported by Pakistani media that on Diwali “Salam” is often replied with “Jai Shree Ram” on Diwali. Hindus and Muslims going together to the temple is a decades-old tradition in Pakistan. 

    Still, if you have any doubt left we suggest you visit the Swaminarayan temple in Karachi. Earlier Pakistani media agencies tend to avoid covering the Hindu festival, but in recent years if you search you can find thousands of images of the Diwali celebration across Pakistan and it’s worth mentioning that German ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Martin Kobler also took part in the Diwali celebration 2023. 

    We hope that this article will satisfy your curiosity and question “Is Diwali celebrated in Pakistan”.