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How Social Media Destroys Relationships? [5 Reasons]

    How Social Media Destroys Relationships

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    It’s very normal to have a disagreement or argue with your partner. Do you, on the other hand, get into a fight with someone just because they liked their Facebook profile photo? Is it possible that you’ve been humiliated by your partner’s reluctance to put their phone down and stop checking their Instagram while you tried to chat with them? Ever snooped on your partner’s WhatsApp to discover who they were chatting with and what they were talking about? So are you now wondering how social media destroys relationships, friendships, and so much more?

    There is no denying that social media has become a necessity in our everyday activities. While it may help us communicate more effectively with others, an addiction to it may become a hindrance or a source of communication breakdown with others in our immediate environment. Take, for example, the ways in which social media may destroy relationships.

    How Real Is the Possibility That Social Media Will Destroy a Relationship?

    People engage with you using social networking tools and platforms, which allow you to display and promote your successes, talents, and personal life. In addition, it is on these sites that you begin your online life, in which you are free to be anyone you want to be. You are able to portray yourself in a glamorous way via your internet presence; which shows people exactly what you want them to see. When your online life takes priority over your offline life, it is almost guaranteed that it will have an impact on your personal relationships.. You begin to spend more time on the internet than you do with your family and friends.

    How Social Media Destroys Relationships?

    The following are some ways that explain how social media destroy relationships.

    Five Ways In Which Social Media Can Destroy Your Relationships

    However, although social media is supposed to be a beneficial tool for communication; over use of the platform may have the following detrimental consequences on personal relationships.

    1. Your past may have an impression on your current situation.

    Is it possible that you are pleased with your current companion? When an ex sends you a message over your messenger service, it may trigger your memories and prompt you to reconnect with him or her. Although you may not have malicious intentions; maintaining contact with someone with whom you previously had a close relationship may cause your spouse to feel uneasy and may even result in conflict between the two of you. Keeping in touch with someone with whom you previously had a close connection may cause your spouse to feel uneasy and may result in conflict between you two. It is advisable to keep your past and present apart from one another.

    2. You may find it harder to reject temptations in the future.

    Because of social media, everyone has become more “approachable” Individuals that we would never approach in person suddenly seem approachable on the internet. Because of the simplicity with which you can communicate; you are more likely to look into other options for dating and romance. This may inspire you to cheat on your spouse; since flirting from behind the protection of a phone or a computer screen is quite straightforward to do from a distance.

    3. It’s possible that you’ll lose interest in one another.

    Couples used to like cuddling; but nowadays they prefer to talk on their mobile phones instead of embracing or speaking with one another. Even before they begin to engage in sexual activity; couples are often distracted by their phones rather than indulging in some delightful foreplay together. This might result in misery in bed and, over time, a total lack of desire in physical contact.

    4. Your partner’s expectations of you may change as time goes on.

    When we watch our friends share pictures of their adorable couples on social media, we wish we had the opportunity to do the same. A disagreement may arise as a consequence of your expectations being exceeded; especially if your partner does not meet your standards. We may paint a beautiful image of our love lives online by posting romantic pictures and status updates, but in truth, we are passing up chances to enhance our relationships. This public display of affection rather than a private conversation may be damaging to romantic relationships.

    5. It may infringe on your right to privacy.

    Some people are so driven by the urge to create online buzz that they post images of even their most private events on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Performing acts just for the sake of demonstrating that you have a fantastic relationship takes away from your own moments of delight and makes you more reliant on external validation.

    Let’s face it, we’ve all been a victim of social media stalking at some point in our lives. Everyone is interested in knowing where someone works; who they are married to, and where they go on vacation, for example. It makes you feel inadequate and decreases your self-esteem since you feel the need to know about other people’s issues. Keep in mind, though, that if you are dissatisfied with yourself, you cannot expect others to feel the same way about yourself. However, although social media is a strong tool that may be useful in a number of ways; misusing it can deprive you of pleasure and cause your relationships to crumble completely.

    So, this article was all about “How Social Media Destroys Relationships”, if we have missed something. Please let us know in the comment section below.