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How Long Distance Affects Relationships? [Reasons]

    How Long Distance Affects Relationships

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    There is a saying “Out of sight, Out of mind”, unfortunately; it does come true in the case of a long-distance relationship. Relationships are beautiful yet difficult; LDRs are even more difficult to work out only a few couples can over the difficulties of long-distance. 

    Wonder why? Let us tell you, how long distance affects relationships.

    How Long Distance Affects Relationships?

    Communication is the key

    Healthy communication leads to a healthy relationship; unfortunately, not everyone is good at texts and calls some people find it hard to express their true feelings over texts and calls; which generates a communication gap and misunderstanding.  However, technological advancements can make the relationship more exciting never-ending calls; sweet good morning wishes are the best part of LDRs.

    Trust issues

    Insecurity is the worst factor of LDR because you can’t have a long amount of time with your spouse so it’s easy to imagine the intimacy elsewhere. Assumption and insecurity are always present in LDR; at the same time many couples work out their relationship by gaining each other trust. 

    Lack of Physical Intimacy

    Hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding each other’s hands tightly are the best thing about relationships; Physical intimacy is dearly missed in LDR. On the other hand, meetings in Long-distance relationships are way more exciting than normal ones; surprise visits, gifts, trips everything in long-distance is adventurous and exciting. 

    Jealousy and distractions

    In LDR, whenever you see your significant one hanging out there having fun without you sometimes even you are being ignored and on social media; you find your partner is tagged with lots of friends having fun you can’t help yourself other than being jealous. Both of partners may have distractions, both of you can get more attention from someone else; you may feel overly attached or detached from your significant one. 

    Still, little jealousy is not harmful, cute fights; ignoring texts and calls to blocking each other than trying to reach out each other with the help of friends or social media status are just awesome in long distance. 

    Privacy and Space

    Partners crave some privacy and space, in normal relationships you can meet your partner any time; you can meet his friends and family, you can go to parties together you can do anything but sometimes you may invade your partner’s privacy and you won’t realize that. In long-distance trust issues are always there hence couple exchange each other’s social media’s passwords, which is uncomfortable.

    Everyone has some personal things that they don’t want to share, hence an invasion of each other’s privacy and space becomes an issue in every kind of relationship.  On the other hand, this can turn out to be a good thing about LDRs since you both are apart from each other you can always have your own space. 

    Extremely difficult yet extremely satisfying

    LDRs may be extremely difficult if you consider all the factors mentioned above and simultaneously LDRs may be extremely satisfying if you both work out all of these factors well. 

    This is how long distance affects relationships, you can always grow in a relationship be it Long Distance or Normal; choose the one wisely!