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How Does Social Media Affect Relationships? [Complete Info]

    How does social media affect relationships

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    Social media has become part of our lives and at this point, it’s hard to imagine the world without it. From small, medium or large businesses, news, everything going on in this world is on social media even relationships too. Are you wondering, how does social media affect relationships? 

    How does social media affect relationships?

    Nowadays everyone uses social media and share his\her life, connect to known and unknown person through it, and build a relationship digitally or really. Both digital and real relationship affected by social media. Let us see, how does social media affect relationships? 

    1. Addiction

    Everyone likes scrolling down, but addiction is the worst thing. In a relationship, if one is reserved who wanted to keep things private and another one is an addict who keeps posting and boasting on social media could badly affect their relationship and the worst case is not giving sufficient time to each other which eventually leads to lots of mistrust and insecurity.

    2. Faking/Imposing

    Not everyone reveals his\her real identity; from faking names to faking whole personalities people can fake anything. Nowadays, before being in a relationship everyone checks their significant one’s social media accounts even connect through it. Some people can also be deceived by another one’s fake personality. 

    3. Mistrust/Infidelity

    Social media provides a platform to connect to people, some people do have extramarital affairs, some people constantly be in touch with their ex. There is always room for infidelity and mistrust. 

    4. Invading Privacy

    Almost every couple share each other’s social media accounts passwords to gain trust if one of them doesn’t want, he or she will always be on radars. Not every person likes to share his\her personal space but there is very little chance of having that much understanding partner. Invading each other’s privacy is the worst thing couples do to each other and being jealous of each other’s post and messages add fire. 

    5. Keeping An Eye

    Social media account’s activities can be used for spying on each other. A couple has habits of checking each other’s posts, last seen; comment sections etc and they would eventually fight over it sooner or later. Moreover, not flaunting the relationship over social media is also an issue, changing the relationship status on social media provides social security in the eyes of many. Bizarre??

    6. Evidence

    Worst case scenario is using social media activities as evidence against a spouse in case of legal disputes. The social media platform is now becoming a platform to defame anyone, sharing screenshots; videos, photos etc are tools to defame anyone. Social media activities are also being used as evidence for divorce. 

    This is how does social media affect relationships. Every coin has two sides so does social media. It’s up to you how to use it so that it doesn’t affect your relationship.