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How Celebrities Get Money From Instagram? [Complete Info]

    How Celebrities Get Money From Instagram

    In this article, we are going to tell you how Celebrities get money from Instagram.

    Once an individual becomes a celebrity lot of avenues get open through which they can earn money. In older times, celebrities had limited options; the main source would be their profession like acting in movies or playing sports, with the help which they would get endorsement deals and promote the products on TV through advertisement.

    How Celebrities Get Money From Instagram?

    But today is a digital world which has given a boon of options to celebrity to earn money through various social media platforms. Through Instagram, celebrities can share photos and videos of their personal life, the food they eat, places they have traveled, etc. which allows their fans to be a part of their favorite celebrity life. In the below section, we will learn how celebrities get money from Instagram.

    • Depending upon the celebrity’s unique content uploaded on their social media page, they garner a section of fan following. By doing a sponsored post for the brands which connects to the audience, a celebrity can earn money.
    • Through Instagram, the celebrity can do affiliate marketing for the products of other brands and earn commission on it.
    • Celebrities can also create their own digital as well as physical products and market and sell them through the Instagram platform, in turn earning a profit on their investment.
    • Celebrities are also able to earn by selling the license of their photos and videos to PR companies to promote their client products.

    In short, celebrities become social media influencers through which they can cash depending upon the online reputation that they have formed over the years. For their followers, a celebrity is a trendsetter and a trusted expert whose opinion they respect on specific subjects. Many brands then collaborate with these celebrity influencers to promote their products online as these influencers have already created the required network and reach the targeted audience.

    How Much Celebrities Earn From Instagram?

    • Virat kohli earns an estimate of $120,000 per sponsored post on Instagram (roughly ₹ 80 lakhs).
    • Cristiano Ronaldo gets $750,000 per sponsored instagram post.
    • Kylie Jenner is on top and earns $1 Million per post which makes her highest paid influencer on Instagram.

    Instagram doesn’t pay for their posts. They get paid by the brands and collaborators for which they are advertising. Brands such as Puma, Pepsi, American Tourister etc. are major brands that pay a huge amount of money to advertise their products.

    Similarly, brands of different niches like beauty, clothing, eatables, homeware etc., pay celebrities and other influencers for advertising their products through instagram posts.

    This is how celebrities get money from Instagram by capitalizing on their reputation that they have built over a period.