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10 Highest Paid TikToker In India [Updated List For This Year]

    Highest Paid TikToker In India

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    In this article, we are going to share the list of highest paid TikToker in India.

    If anybody asks which social media app changed the digital world perception, everyone will name TikTok. This Chinese social media app brought the next level of craziness and participation of people in the online world, which other social media apps could only dream of. It is an app that provides a platform for the common people to showcase their talents to the entire world.

    List of Highest Paid TikToker In India

    People can post their content on this online platform, and various brands are teaming up with some of the highest paid TikToker in India to promote their brands in the online world. This social media platform has opened a new venue to earn money and showcase their talent and do what they like.

    Here are some of the highest-paid TikToker in India whose popularity has grown in leaps and bounds and who can claim extravagant prices to promote the products and brands of the company.

    Riyaz Aly

    He is the number one TikToker star in India and has also ranking of number 14 TikToker in the global chart and has a fan following of 38.6 million with over 1.7 billion likes for his content on TikTok. His profile claims him to be a TikTok influencer, actor, and fashion blogger. His content mainly consist of lip-syncing, duet videos, and dancing. 

    Fan following has also made it possible for him to feature on music videos. Being the most followed TikToker in India has allowed him to claim $35,000/- per post from the companies to promote their product and make him one of India’s highest paid TikToker in India.

    Faisal Mudassir Shaikh

    His resume promotes him as an actor, model, and TikToker influencer, as well as a fashion blogger. But he is better known for his modeling and hairstyle. He has around 28 million fan followers in TikTok.

    His popularity on TikTok has enabled him to finalize endorsement deals with brands like Bodypharm Nutrition, Mountain Dew, Splash Fashions, and many others. He is estimated to earn around $6,600/ – per post.

    Arishfa Khan

    Her resume projects her as a YouTuber, actress, social media influence, and model who also likes dancing, and she is commonly known as Arrshu. She is best known for her role in an Indian Television series Ek Veer ki Ardaas Veera as a child artist. 

    TikTok has given her the platform to showcase different talents like lip-syncing, comedy, dancing, and beauty videos that she regularly posts. She has a lot of endorsements of brands like Loveable creations, OLX India, MX player, etc. She has a fan following of 26 million, which allows her to earn approximately $24000/- per post.

    Jannat Zubair

    She is considered one of the best TikTok content creators. Apart from being a TikToker, she is also a film and TV actress, voice artist, and singer. As an actress, she came in public eye on doing a television series named Phulwa, and she has been steadily gaining a fan following in TikTok.

    She is loved for her lip sync and singing videos, and she also posts home cooking videos on TikTok. She has a fan following of 25.8million and has also earned the badge of ace TikTok user as the fan following is steadily increasing. Earns around $23,000/- for each post she uploads.

    Nisha Guragain

    She is popularly known as Angel Nishu across social media platforms. Started her career as a social media influencer, and she is also an actress. She has featured in many music albums like Jatta Ve Jatta and Aadat, etc.

    She has a fan following of 25 million on TikTok with over 670 million likes for her posts. With the help of so many followers, she is able to charge $23,500/- per post.

    Awez Darbar

    He is a content creator, dancer, and YouTuber whose videos of lip-syncing and dance choreography have created new heights in recent years, due to which he has a massive fan following of 25 million in TikTok. He has a tremendous fan following on other social media platforms, which allows him to charge $23,500/- per post to upload on his page.

    Sameeksha Sud

    She is an actress, you tuber, content creator, and TikTok influencer. She also does charity work in association with a foundation that helps cancer-affected children.

    Most of the fan following she has gained through her comedy lip-syncing and entertaining videos. She has a total fan following of 22.8 million in TikTok, which has allowed her to charge an estimate of $21,000/- per post she uploads.

    Anveet Kaur

    On the social media platform, she is known by her nickname Avi or Muskan, and she claims to be an actress, YouTuber, dancer, and TikTok influencer. She has participated in dance shows like Jhalak Dhikla Jaa and Dance India Dance, which has only increased her fan following in TikTok and other social media platforms.

    She has a fan following of 21.3 million, and she has endorsement deals of Coca Cola, One plus, Clinic plus, etc. Earns approximately $2600/- per post.

    Gima Ashi

    Gima Ashi is her stage name, and her real name is Garima Chaurasia. She owes her fame to TikTok Video Bhot Hard, which she recorded along with her boyfriend, Rugees Vini. She has a fan following of 20 million in TikTok, allowing her to charge $5328/- per post. Other than this, she also has endorsement deals with Healthvit Products, Glam Ego, etc.

    Hasnain Khan

    He is a social media influencer, actor, model, and musician. He is best known for his lip sync videos in TikTok and has a massive fan following of 14.5 million. Due to his fame, he is able to charge $6,660/- per post that he uploads.