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15 Highest Paid Influencers On Instagram [Updated List]

    Highest Paid Influencers On Instagram

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    Looking for the highest paid influencers on Instagram. Well, here’s the listicle that you need.

    Ever wonder why social media platforms have become a craze among the top celebrities? The reason is simple they get a boatload of money for each post they upload on their Instagram handle.

    List Of Highest Paid Influencers On Instagram

    The brands and companies to market their product have leaned to ambassador avenue promotion, making way for the influencers to boom on the social media. There are several influencers on social media, and their fees range depending upon their popularity and subscribers on the platform. Here we are giving a glimpse of what the highest paid influencers on Instagram able to rake money based on their online persona.

    1. Dwayne Johnson

    He is one of the most bankable celebrities right from his wrestling days. On his handle, he gives fitness tips and shares behind the scene content. For each post to endorse, he charges up to $1,015,500, making him the highest-paid celebrity influencer on the planet.

    2. Kylie Jenner

    She is the sibling of Kardashians and the reality television show “Keeping up with Kardashians” has made her a household name. She is a fan following of 223million and charges a whopping of $986,000 per post, and she is only aged 23.

    3. Christiana Ronaldo

    He is one of the top compensated footballers on the planet, and he has capitalized his on-field persona to the online persona very smoothly. On Instagram, he has a subscriber base of 273 million, allowing him to charge $889,000 per post, which is assisting him to become a billionaire athlete of the planet.

    4. Kim Kardashian

    She is the eldest sibling and statesman among the Kardashian clan and has been able to capitalize her onscreen popularity into making a fortune for herself in the digital world. She demands around $858,000 for endorsing per post on Instagram. This has allowed her to rake a fortune of about $350 million and is quickly rising too.

    5. Ariana Grande

    She is an American actress, singer, and pop icon with a fan following of 228 million on her Instagram, fashioning her one of the top paid influencers on Instagram. This 27-year-old pop star charges around $853,000 for endorsing each post on her social media handle.

    6. Selena Gomez

    She is an American actress and pop star and also a Disney Star and ranks sixth as one of the highest-paid celebrity influencers on Instagram. She has 180 million followers on the social media platform, and she demands around $848,000 per post.

    7. Beyoncé Knowles

    She is known as the queen of the music world and is a pop giant having a fortune of $500 million. She has a fan following of 170 million and charges $770,000 per post. Not bad for the one half of the biggest celebrity couple investor.

    8. Justin Bieber

    Though he is not active as other celebrities on Instagram, he is still considered one of the biggest online celebrities. This popstar has a fan following of 168 million on the social media platform and charges $747,000 per post.

    9. Taylor Swift

    She is considered a pop royalty and one of the savviest investors in the celebrity circle. On her, Instagram handles she shares her personal images and behind the scene shots keeping her fan engaged and allowing her to claim $722,000 per post.

    10. Neymar Jr

    This Brazilian footballer is one of the upcoming athlete stars on the planet. He might not have the same level of fan following on Instagram as his peer, but he still has bankable social media followers allowing him to charge $704,000 per post.

    11. Lionel Messi

    He is one of the adored footballers on the planet but falls just short of his contemporaries Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr in the Instagram game. He has a fan following of 197 million on the platform, and he earns about $695,000 per post.

    12. Jennifer Lopez

    She is a celebrity who has a stake in various portals like music to skincare products. It is obvious she will be invested as a social media influencer which is a money-making machine. She charges $663,000 per post, allowing her to increase her fortune of $400 million tremendously.

    13. Nicki Minaj

    Her Instagram handle showcases more of her personal life when compared to other celebrities on the list. The rapper takes her fans behind the scene and shows her family and friends on her handle. She charges $635,000 per post.

    14. Kendall Jenner

    She has one of the most liked photos on the Instagram platform, and she is one of the most followed and highest-paid influencers on Instagram. She charges around $608,000 per post.

    15. Khloe Kardashian

    She might not boast the fan following that her siblings are able to on Instagram, but even then, she is able to rake dough from the platform. She charges about $608,000 per post endorsement to her 157 million followers.