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Happy 1st Birthday To My Dog Letter [Updated Letter]

    Happy 1st Birthday To My Dog Letter

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    Here are some of the perfect vicious for you to wish your dog a happy 1st birthday to my dog letter. Dogs have been deemed to be the best friend of humans and dogs are the most faithful animal among all the animals. The love and affection of humans towards dogs are speechless. However, wishing your dog is not as weird as it may sound.

    Animals, especially dogs, have feelings too. A dog’s loyalty is unmatched, and a dog is also considered a family member. I wish him his first birthday, a heartfelt birthday that will be accompanied by all their favorite meals and loved ones, Moreover, to make it more fun to wish your dog his 1st birthday, you can follow the down-listed birthday wishes for your dog.

    Happy 1st Birthday To My Dog Letter

    My sweet Puppy,

    Today is your seventh birthday, which in the grand scheme of things probably doesn’t mean much to you. I often think back to the first day we got you, daddy and I had been searching for a dog with no luck and received a little bit of rejection. I like to think that the day you were born the universe knew exactly whose hearts you would steal. G-ma was there that day, she says you were so tiny you could fit in the palm of her hand. It warms my heart to know that you had someone so gentle and loving caring for you from the moment you entered this world.

    You are the only girl in your litter, which I think you like because you enjoy being queen bee and bossing your BFF’s Rascal & Hobo around, You are full of so much personality and courage, unless a strange gust of wind comes by, in that case, you get spooked and jump.

    It’s strange to think of life before you in it. From day one you have consistently been by our side, always ready for whatever love we cast your way (you’re very fond of belly rubs). You are perfectly designed and fill our hearts with so much joy, I can only strive to be as loving as you. I never quite understood the bond people had with their animals until we got you, you have brought me understanding where before I was ignorant. You are the true meaning of loyalty and devotion. When you curl up next to me and wedge your little body perfectly into my belly, I know a secret comfort and inner peace.

    Your love for life is contagious. You can spend hours and hours in the backyard sniffing and play in the bushes chasing lizards that will always out run you. There are often times you go outside, tilt your face toward the sun and stand there for a few moments taking it all in. You are a constant reminder to slow down, life is too fleeting not to embrace the small things.

    You know only to love and be loved. Without knowing it you teach every day by example and words can not fully express how grateful I am to learn those lessons. You have taught me the lesson of unconditional love and the importance of forgiving freely and often. Puppy have taught me to smile, to jump for joy, and to greet those coming through my door with open arms. You teach me that snuggles can ease any kind of sadness and long walks are cleansing for the soul. Most importantly, you have taught me that words are not necessary, the simple act of showing up and being there is enough.

    These words are just words to you, my love, I know you will never be able to understand them. So, for now, I will continue to make you pillow palaces to sleep on and to roll down the window for you to stick your head out. I will hold you tight when there are thunder monsters, chase you when you go crazy after a bath, and will always share my cantaloupe.

    You are the most gentle and tender creature I know, thank you for letting me love you.

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