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How To Celebrate Friends Birthday In Lockdown? [Best Ways]

    Celebrate Friends Birthday In Lockdown

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    Considering the pandemic situation and state lockdowns, it will be difficult to celebrate friends birthday in lockdown; but where there is a desire, there is a way. There are many cool ideas with the help of which you will be able to celebrate your friend’s special day in a unique way. As human has evolved so has the celebration methods.

    How To Celebrate Friends Birthday In Lockdown?

    Though it is limited, there are methods with the help of which you can celebrate friends birthday in lockdown; some of them are mentioned below to give you a glimpse of what a gala time you can still have during this dire situation.

    Party Theme

    It is one of the unique ways to celebrate a birthday as it provides the drama quotient to the celebration. You can discuss with your friends and decide what kind of party theme would best suit your friends’ personality, like the Bollywood theme or a game night theme, or a black and white theme. Though it is a tried and tested party idea conducting it during a lockdown will be a task, so you will have to plan and coordinate from a number of days ahead of the due date.

    Sending E-invite

    Due to the lockdown visiting houses, it is not possible to invite people for the party, but you can invite them through e-invite. There is a lot of software available online through which you can design the birthday celebration card and send an e-invite to all your friends so that they can plan their day accordingly.

    Virtual party

    Due to this pandemic, the evolution of the digital world has fast-tracked manifolds, so celebrating a birthday in the virtual world is a natural transaction. You can connect with all your friends through zoom or any of the video call software and come together to celebrate friends birthday in lockdown. You can personalize this virtual party by singing your friend’s favorite songs and sharing stories to make the party more enjoyable and pleasant.

    Baking Cake

    Arranging cake from your favorite cakeshop will not be possible due to the lockdown; but you can test your cooking skill to make the day special for your friend. There are many recipes that are available online with the help of which you can prepare a special cake. You can also make it an occasion, arrange a virtual event, take guidance from all your friends, and make a special cake. It will be an experience and memory like none other.


    A birthday without any activities will prove to be a very boring party; but there are many virtual activities available which you can conduct during the party. There are many platforms like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc., which are compatible with most of the virtual games/activities available online. The recommended virtual activities Trivia, Heads up, House party, Pictionary, UNO, monopoly, etc. These are fun-filled activities that you can enjoy with everyone. 

    Photos & videos

    Dressing up and attending parties has become a distant memory during this pandemic; hence, to celebrate friends birthday in lockdown is a good opportunity to dress up and take photos. During the virtual party, you can record the entire party and take a lot of photos. You can capture all the memorable moments at a virtual party.

    It is not necessary to celebrate friends birthday in lockdown by means of a party only; you can also celebrate your friends special day by helping and providing food to the needy during such strenuous times. You can donate food to NGO’s who will, in turn, distribute them among the needy. But before handing over the food, take the necessary approval beforehand and follow all the directives of the government.