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How To Celebrate Birthday Without Cake? [Best Ways]

    Celebrate Birthday Without Cake

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    During this pandemic period, celebrate Birthday without cake has become the new norm; as the eatery is closed due to lockdown imposed by the state governments. But being human, we have a creative mind; and we can celebrate our Birthday with family and loved ones with alternatives to birthday cakes; it also provides a fresh spin on Birthdays.

    How To Celebrate Birthday Without Cake?

    In order to celebrate your Birthday; you need to have a party, but due to the pandemic, it’s a tat bit difficult to arrange. But you can with the help of your family or flatmates or the people you are spending the lockdown with. Here are some of the ideas that you can incorporate while planning your party.

    • Theme party – Setting the theme of your party can be an enjoyable task. The most famous party themes are the Bollywood theme or the game night theme. It will provide some drama to your party in such a sublime environment.
    • Decoration – If you are not into themes; you need to decorate your place with the items you usually use during your festivities. If nothing else, you can put up the lighting used during the festivities.
    • Hosting a virtual party – The pandemic has made everything virtual, so why not a virtual birthday party. You can link to all your friends and family through a zoom call and conduct a virtual party to celebrate your Birthday.

    These are some of the ideas through which you can celebrate Birthday without a cake but still make it special for yourself by inviting your loved ones through e-invite. You can cook some snacks for yourself if you are conducting a virtual party instead of a cake and enjoy your party.

    It also gives the freedom to every individual to celebrate their Birthday by cutting their favorite food instead of the usual and common birthday cakes. Some of the alternatives to birthday cake are mentioned below; which even you can utilize for your Birthday if you wish to celebrate Birthday without cake; and they are healthy options.

    • Fruit cake – For an outdated nod to birthday cake, the fruit cakes provide a festive nod that will provide nutrition to you and your family instead of calories. You can use watermelon along with cantaloupes and honeydew melons. You can easily get the recipe for a fruit cake from the internet. The creativity of decorating the cake is limited to your creative nature; and you can include seasonal fruits to improve the nutrient quotient of the cake.
    • Pizza – If you don’t wish to check the calorie intake and want to spoil yourself on your Birthday; then pizza is a great alternative for birthday cakes. You can prepare a variety of pizza based on the ingredients available in your home and by watching the recipes online. You can also add your creativity while deciding the toppings on your birthday Pizza.
    • Chocolate dipped fruits – Chocolate is favorite of kids and adults alike, and dipping food in hot molten chocolate gives the food an elixir-like taste. You can add crushed nuts and other superfoods like berries to provide nutrition to your body and calories.
    • Donuts – This is a favorite snack of most people as it is filled with cream and covered by various types of chocolate. It is one of the best alternatives for a cake and is also gooey for eating with a lot of sugar content.

    These are some of the options that you can implement to celebrate Birthday without cake and still make it special by selecting a unique alternative for birthday cake and as well a unique way that is the virtual way to celebrate your Birthday.