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How To Celebrate Birthday Alone In Lockdown? [Best Ways]

    Celebrate Birthday Alone In Lockdown

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    We wish you a very happy birthday. Do you miss people singing the birthday song for you? Do you miss the fun of the birthday celebration? Everybody deserves special attention from their loved ones on their birthday. This year the entire world is grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic; due to the restrictions you have to celebrate your birthday alone in lockdown. However, virtually everyone is connected and here we have ideas to celebrate birthday alone in lockdown.

    Since it’s lockdown you may not have your favorite birthday cake, without a birthday cake and your folks around you may feel deserted but in the age of social media nothing is impossible, thanks to thousands of recipes on YouTube, you may make your own birthday cake; on zoom call or Google meeting you may hold a virtual birthday party with everyone you love. On other hand, if you are living in a household with other people you can also order cake or ice cream, or one person can go to the store though it is not something we would like to suggest if nothing else is available you can also make “Maggie’s cake” which is not sweet still you would love it.

    Ways to Celebrate Birthday Alone In Lockdown

    If none of these ideas floats your boat, you can always keep it Low-key, like just Netflix and chill, or cooking breakfast or lunch, or you may play a videogame or invite your friends online to play with you in this way you may not feel lonely on such special day.

    In these unprecedented time, you may feel uneasy, people are dying, there is a lot of chaos going on everywhere if you feel sorry about this situation, you may go for charity, you may have pass from local authorities and go around to help needy people, you can distribute food packets or cash, help them with anything you can afford, in this way you can make this birthday more special. Moreover, you may not receive any birthday gift, but you can influence your folks to donate there are many platforms where you can donate and help people. These days a healthy life is a luxurious gift you have from God, thank him on this special day.

    Moreover, this time you feel nostalgia when you celebrate your birthday with your family and friends, call them and tell them how much you miss them.

    Still, you can have a birthday party on your own do some small decorations, make some cocktail or any trendy thing like dalgona coffee, wear best outfit video call your folks and cut cake virtually with them.

    Although when the lockdown will lift, you may crave lazy days like this, and then why not make the best of it. You may have a lot of time on this birthday to thank every Facebook post and WhatsApp status if you think of doing these things as hustle; then don’t, wake up late, be lazy, or do something you enjoy you may have a lot of time to make a birthday card for yourself or cleaning up your room, organizing the cupboards, or dancing, painting anything just do what makes you happy. Moreover, this is the best time to take care of hair and skin.

    However, the devastation due to pandemic is tremendous, you may feel depressed, but it’s your birthday, think about the positive things, give yourself time, on this birthday start loving yourself; be positive normal days will resume soon until enjoying your own company you are the best person of your life, we wish you a very happy birthday, happy returns of the day, stay home and stay healthy and Celebrate birthday alone in lockdown.