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Birthday Surprise Ideas During Lockdown For Friends

    Birthday Surprise Ideas During Lockdown For Friend

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    “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolates”, of course, you need to bring chocolates along with gifts for your friend’s birthday, oops not possible because you both are stuck in lockdown miles away from each other. Do friends need to be physically together for a birthday celebration? We guess no, there are many ways to send your love and best wishes to your friend on his birthday, and we have the best Birthday Surprise Ideas during Lockdown for Friends, choose and make your friend feel special on his birthday.

    Birthday Surprise Ideas During Lockdown For Friends

    During these tough times, when the world is grappling with Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is feeling down, in these tough times, we should make feel each other feel special and worthy however the options are very less due to restrictions than we should make the best of available options like you can write a ” letter” to your friend in the age of social media; write down the heartfelt message in letter and post it to your friend, you can also courier a hand made a scrapbook of your best memories together, a handmade flipbook if you are better in drawing and painting or sketching then why not a handmade a beautiful portrait of him or her; or you can take an empty bottle fill it with many messages of love and encouragement so that your friend can read whenever he\she feel down, don’t forget to decorate the empty bottle.

    If you are not able to Courier anything and it’s not even safe for your friend to receive anything from courier service, then you can make many virtual gifts or plan a surprise party virtually for a friend even you two can be together virtually; like bake a cake video call your friend and cut it yourself sing a birthday song for your friend even you can annoy him by celebrating his birthday yourself only, of course, we love to annoy our friends; and you can also record sweet birthday messages for him along with his family members and friends so that your friend can feel warmth and love on birthday, you can also plan a movie date together, or send him a playlist, and also an online game night together.

    Write a sweet birthday post for him, post it on his Face book wall; wake him up at midnight and sing the happy birthday song.

    Thanks to Amazon, Flip kart, and the other apps, they have the best-personalized gift options from matching outfits to friendship bracelets to self-care kits they have everything, you can send him a throw pillow or a cuddle pillow (for single friends to annoy) magic lamps, so that whenever you touch the other one lights up your friend can know you miss him. A personalized keychain, mug, wine glasses, photo frames, watch, pen choose the best one that suits your friend’s personality.

    However, if you think that your friend is a very compassionate person who wants to help others, or feel hurts to see people’s condition during the pandemic; then you can also make donations under his name and you can also influence other friends and family to donate under his name, trust us for spiritual people feel better when they help others.

    Even after reading this you still haven’t any idea to surprise him then send him a “red envelope” on phone, by PhonePe. Google pay etc.

    So, these are birthday surprise ideas during lockdown for friends; hope you find this article useful happy birthday to your friend, also we wish you both good health, take care wear mask.