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5 Best YouTube Channels For Preschoolers [Best Picks]

    Best Youtube Channels For Preschoolers

    There are a variety of instructive and fun YouTube channels available for children in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school.

    Your child is not alone if he or she is infatuated with YouTube videos, since there are millions of them. Pew Research Center numbers from the most recent survey show that 80 percent of parents with children aged 11 or younger claimed that their child watches YouTube videos, with 53 percent reporting that their child does so on a daily basis. However, given the proliferation of questionable content on the internet, parents often strive to direct their children toward YouTube channels that are both educational and entertaining. Here are some best youtube channels for Preschoolers that they may find educational and interesting.

    List Of Best Youtube Channels For Preschoolers

    Here are some Best YouTube Channels For Preschoolers.


    In order to give instructional resources to parents and children ages 2-7; the Khan Kids YouTube Channel, a subsidiary of Khan Academy’s online learning platform, was established. The channel has a weekly “Circle Time” video that encourages children to work together on projects such as learning; playing, or reading. Also recommended is using the Khan Academy Kids App, which is a free app that includes standards-aligned courses in math, reading, writing, social-emotional development, creative projects, and physical exercise.


    BrainPOP’s animated curricular content is intended to pique the attention of youngsters in a wide range of subjects; from engineering to Emily Dickinson, while simultaneously supporting educators and enhancing student achievement. Specifically, BrainPOP Jr. is intended for children in grades K-3, while BrainPOP and BrainPOP Espanol are intended for youngsters in grades 4 and above.


    Mo Mulla, a father and publisher of the parenting site Parental Questions, like Netflix Jr. because of “its catchy animated melodies,” which inspire toddlers and early primary school-aged children to sing; play, and learn about their numbers, colours, animals, time, and ABCs, among other things.

    4. TED-ED

    Ted-Ed is an incredible, entertaining resource for children in grades K-12. “We like this channel because it incorporates life lessons and social activism into artistic storytelling,” Jordan adds. “The combination of creative animators and educators teaches children the value of community involvement and keeping up with current events in the news, science, and the arts.” There is a reason why this channel now has 13.8 million members.”


    Science-based television channel SciShow Kids has a cult following among young people of all ages, according to Ashley Austrew, a mother of two from Omaha, Nebraska. SciShow Kids encourages kids of all ages to do experiments, conduct research, and communicate with experts.

    In addition, she notes, “They provide educational explainers on a number of scientific problems, such as “where does thunder come from” and “why do we have seasons.” In addition, my children adore the fact that we can find videos that answer all of their unusual questions, such as why bread has holes, and they especially appreciate the small cartoon elements and pictures that assist to make hard things understandable to them.

    These were some best YouTube channels for Preschoolers that are quite educational, informational and appealing to the eye.