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5 Best YouTube Channels For Home Remedies 2023 [Best Picks]

    Best YouTube Channels For Home Remedies

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    Natural home remedies can treat a wide range of minor illnesses also essential for a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of things readily available at home like ginger, garlic, ghee, honey, turmeric, potatoes etc these can treat several types of minor diseases like acidity, heartburn, headaches, cold, abdomen pain, bleeding gums and so on. Therefore, everyone must know about simple home remedies that can treat minor illnesses. There are ample YouTube channels available to suggest simple home remedies for health, skincare etc. Hence, we are suggesting to you some best YouTube Channels for home remedies.

    List Of Best YouTube Channels For Home Remedies

    Not everyone likes to go to a doctor for something which is not a serious or temporary illness like acidity, headache, abdomen pain etc. There are a lot of secret grandmother’s remedies available which can cure you without having any side effects. Check out the list of the 5 best YouTube channels for home remedies. 

    1. Ayurveda Home Remedies

    It is one of the best home remedies Youtube channel in India. They have just started out but they are doing the great job in this field. On this channel, you will find Latest Nutritional Healthy Tips, Skin care tips, Natural Home Remedies and Nutritional Facts. They are so passionate to share the best of Health Content every day to all their subscribers. We hope this channel can educate and help people around the world to learn the latest, fruitful and healthy lifestyle tips. They appreciate all your support & always keep uploading great videos on a daily basis.

    2. Arpita Nath

    Arpita has over 1M subscribers, she is famous for Bengali recipes. She posts diet plans, recipes for good health and weight loss, skincare, hair care etc. She has another YouTube channel with 355k subscribers name “Arpita Nath Bengali Recipe” where you can find yummy recipes good for health.

    3. F3 Healthcare

    This channel is owned by Alankar Shrivastav. He is a Naturopath Therapist, who suggested various home remedies for minors as well as major diseases and tips for a healthy life.

    4. Homeveda- Home Remedies for you

    This channel is active since 2011 and you can find some awesome natural home remedies for health and beauty here. They provide information on symptoms and causes of various diseases and their prevention and cure too.

    5. Grandmother’s Secret Recipes

    This channel is a collection of home remedies for all kinds of problems and wellness. They post home remedies for hair care, skincare, colds and coughs, beauty, wellness, cooking, and Ayurvedic remedies.Natural home remedies can give you a cozy feeling associated with a wise grandmother’s simple and natural solutions for minor problems related to health, beauty and wellness.

    These are the best YouTube channels for Home remedies.   There is one thing that we should keep in our mind that while natural home remedies can certain illness, modern treatments are still far better if you are treating major diseases. But one thing is for sure: if natural home remedies survived for no one knows how long, it is surely give effect in the easiest, fastest, safest and cheapest way. Have a good and healthy life!

    Can Ayurveda cure diseases?

    Yes, for sure Ayurveda can cure diseases.

    Does Ayurveda have side effects?

    There are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines.

    What are the basics of Ayurveda?

    According to Ayurveda, the human body is composed of four basics-the dosha, dhatu, mala and agni. There is immense significance of all these basics of the body in Ayurveda.