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5 Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation [Updated List]

    Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation

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    The Union Public Service Commission holds exams for the most prestigious services in India. UPSC-CSE is the 3rd toughest exam in the world which is conducted by UPSC every year. The success rate in the civil service exam is less than 0.01% hence a lot of patience, dedication and hard work are required. Thanks to social media that provides opportunities to access materials for UPSC preparation, let us suggest you best telegram channels for UPSC preparation. 

    List Of Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation

    Many people work hard for the most prestigious service in India, but those who have the right strategy and smart work can accomplish the goal of being an IAS officer. Telegram is a platform that can provide the best study material, classroom notes of the prestigious institute, Quizzes, pdf etc hence we made a list of the best telegram channels for UPSC preparation. 

    1. Vision IAS Official

    There are over 201.6k subscribers for this channel. It provides daily current affairs, YouTube video, daily quizzes with an explanation which is the best feature of this channel. It is officially operated by Vision IAS Academy itself. 

    2. Jatin Verma’s IAS Delhi

    Jatin Verma sir is famous for his daily news analysis, polity and economics lectures. This channel is officially handled by him and his team, the one who is preparing for UPSC would surely know-how inspiring Jatin Verma sir is, on this channel he keeps updating about his latest videos on YouTube, provides pdf, news analysis subject wise, mind maps, flowcharts of the various topic, test series links on JV’s app etc we would surely suggest this channel. 

    3. Vision Drishti IAS Vajiram BPSC

    This channel provides Vision IAS classroom notes, interview booklets; various magazine for CSE preparation, previous year paper essay notes, Ncert books etc.

    4. Drishti IAS videos

    Hindi medium students suffer from a scarcity of material in Hindi. On this Channel Hindi medium student are provided with ample daily quizzes, video lectures in Hindi, daily current affairs, magazines in Hindi. 

    5. Insight IAS Notes

    This channel is not popular as other channels mentioned above with 21.6 k subscribers only, but we assure you that you won’t be disappointed by our suggestion because this channel provides every kind of material like Vision IAS classroom notes, Kurukshetra magazine, pib notes, current affairs notes of various coaching institutes, tests, India Yearbook pdf, Rau’s, Vajiram, Shankar IAS Academy notes and so on. This channel is one stop for all. 

    These are the best telegram channels for UPSC preparation, there many other telegram channels also but not that much trustworthy or time worthy as these 5 are. Many telegram channels lure you to pay or click on various links and keep updating non-essential stuff. Therefore, we suggest you go through these channels and work hard and smart as well. Best wishes for your bright future.