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5 Best Telegram Channels For Options Trading [Best Picks]

    Best Telegram Channels For Option Trading

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    Options trading is a complex form of share market trading in which there are high stakes, so if you are a novice, you will require help like some of the best telegram channels for options trading to understand the trade and its strategies.

    List Of Best Telegram Channels For Options Trading 

    It also depends upon your personality the type of telegram channel that you would wish to be part of; for instance, you might seek calls and continuous follow-up, or you might need the help of a channel to just get the research material to take the call. Below is a list of the best telegram channels for options trading, catering to different trading strategies that you might want to implement.

    1. The Option Club

    This telegram channel has a track record of 80% accuracy regarding options trading. Hence, if you are looking for calls with maximum accuracy, you need to join this channel. The channel’s performance is very good as the admin is very active in the channel and gives calls after research, making it simpler and effective trades for the channel followers. Based on the comments mentioned on the channel, the users have found the channel very useful.

    2. Shivamtradingacademy

    This channel is known for sharing the studies and coming with calls that are beyond the news and prediction. The channel studies the chart of the trade, which helps them to predict the call for options trading. The channel doesn’t provide calls based on a future prediction by news channel; it conducts due diligence of its own by analyzing the past result and giving some of the most effective calls.

    3. Optionstraders

    As you can presume from the name, the channel is popular among options traders. One of the reasons for its popularity is its name. The other is the time duration of the channel that it has been active for, garnering experience giving effective calls to its subscribers, and being a free channel. Every newbie joins this channel to find like-minded people and get help from them to make profitable trading.

    4. Fno advisory

    This is one of the genuine free telegram channels which has a beginner you can rely upon. They don’t charge any kind of consultation fees and provide their calls with a backup for your understanding. They also provide study material to improve your financial literacy and make decisions on your own as you gain experience in options trading.

    5. Supreme Market

    This is also considered an accurate channel and makes the call by fetching and studying the stock chart. You will find their research helps in making the final decision to implement your own trade strategy. This is a free channel, and they don’t charge any premium for the research and data they share with their users. The comments from the followers are highly encouraging regarding this channel.

    These are some options trading telegram channels that are best suited if you are just starting options trading in the market to start making a substantial profit for your portfolio.