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5 Best Telegram Channels For NSE Intraday [Updated List]

    Best Telegram Channels For NSE Intraday

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    The Market always moves in waves, it’s a trader’s job to ride these waves. There are thousands of equities to choose from. A trader should be able to figure out what to trade and must have the right strategy for figuring out the best opportunity like one stock, multiple stocks or exchange-traded funds etc. Telegram is now emerging as a platform for daily updates, courses, guidance; strategies but which channels? Here we came up with the best telegram channels for NSE Intraday.

    List Of Best Telegram Channels For NSE Intraday

    Identifying the right stocks for intraday trading involves isolating the current market trend from and surrounding noise and then capitalizing on that trend. Check out the best telegram channels for NSE Intraday mentioned below for the right strategy, guidance, updates.

    1. StockPro®️ Official (Intraday Calls)

    It has over 250.7k subscribers, only 3-4% of telegram channels are authorized by SEBI it is one those. On this channel various reliable mentors are available to guide traders for learning intraday, positional, options buying, optional selling, trading, indices etc.

    2. NSE STOCK Intraday

    This channel has over 69.4k subscribers. The premium membership is also available on this channel. However, many telegram channels will lure you to pay but we suggest this channel because of its reliability and low cost. The premium membership of this channel will provide 2-6 intraday calls daily, daily bank nifty calls, swing calls; F&O calls portfolio advice etc.

    3. IntradayEquity Trade

    To directly trade with them this channel provides a WhatsApp premium service. It has over 3.2k subscribers. This channel provides Algo trade alerts for Equity, Nifty (NSEI) Banknifty. 

    4. Nifty 50 & Stocks

    This channel has 32.1k subscribers. It provides daily updates on the market. Nifty 50 & Stocks claims to have an accuracy of more than 90%, it has a low subscription cost, and provide calls for Intraday Equity cash, Nifty Bank calls etc. It holds the everyday query session. 

    5. Wealth Citi

    It has 29.2k subscribers. It provides prime membership and daily updates. Its prime membership has index trade, intraday cash trades, swing\positional trades, portfolio advice etc.

    Intraday trading involves high risk, the buying and selling of stocks and other securities; earning profit the same day looks fascinating but without a proper strategy, one should not get involved in this there are high chances of being in loss than earning profit for beginners.

    A trader has to predict the price of the stock at the end of the day it requires technical and fundamental knowledge of the market we assure you that these best telegram channels of NSE intraday have experts in trading and can suggest profitable calls, expert tips, and daily advice. Hope that you may find the best telegram channels for NSE Intraday with our help.